This book is not an appeal to authority, tradition, or lineage.

It is an exploration of the genius of the Wing Chun system starting with the abstract world of mathematics & geometry and builds a step-by-step mathematical proof for cultivating personal integrity.

Praise For The Book:

“It’s a very good book about the fundamental principles of life and self-mastery. The author uses simple language to explain how everything is connected to everything and how Wing Chun practice can have a profound effect on your life. The author shows that Kung-fu is not all about kicking and punching by sharing touching personal stories of his own life struggles. Those stories are good examples of how Wing Chun can help you to cope with difficult life situations and overcome emotional stress. If you decided to start practising Wing Chun after reading the book you will be not left alone. I like that you can join the online friendly community of practitioners, get in touch with the author and start your training from any place in the world.”



Dublin, Ireland

“All of the universe is made of the same elements, and all matter within it obeys the same laws. From this foundation, Pritchard brilliantly interweaves the construction of life, philosophy, and the martial arts system that understands them best.”


Noble Brown

Author of “The White Arrow”

“Every so often, I run across a “must have” book on the subject of Kung Fu. This is just such a book. Using the Wing Chun System as a frame, varied subjects, engaging prose, & easy to relate to stories combine to produce a work of excellent Martial Scholarship. The reader is guided into the deeper aspects & benefits of practicing the Martial Arts, well beyond ‘mere Boxing Technique.'”


Brad Ruka

Martial Arts Instructor

Discover the universal principles for self defense, protection, improvement, and mastery.

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Jonathan Pritchard

Author of Wing Chun: Life Physics

Jonathan Pritchard is a speaker, trainer, and consultant to Fortune 500 companies to help their teams improve their effectiveness at negotiations, presentations, and sales processes.

His authority & expertise in business is firmly rooted in his background as a daily practitioner of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Inside these pages are a lifetime’s worth of secrets. Read carefully.

Radical self ownership is freedom.